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IOS Grinders Atlantic Sea Salt - 11.3 oz.

IOS Grinders Atlantic Sea Salt - 11.3 oz.

SKU: I800

Add the depths of the sea to your next meal!


IOS Naturals Atlantic Sea Salt is a fantastic addition to any meal. Salt is what opens up a dish to many more subtle flavors. This wonderful seasoning will elevate the palate of any dish. Sea salt is one of the seasonings you just have to have in your pantry at the ready. Freshly ground sea salt is even better so why not just buy it with the grinder attached!


No dish should be without IOS Natural Atlantic Sea Salt


Salt is such a basic seasoning but such an essential part of a tasty meal. Salt used to be used as a very valuable form of currency in the pre-modern world and we can understand why! Salt not only adds depth of flavor but it was also used as a preservative to keep meat stored for longer before refrigerators were invented.

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